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Write Article for MoneyThe prospect of not having to worry about waking up late or getting through traffic just to go to the office or workplace makes the subject of home based business very popular among the working class and even with students. In reality, there are many ways to generate an online income but the bitter truth is that most of these methods take a lot of time to get used to because of the steep learning curves involved. In addition, these methods can be pretty much hit or miss which makes them a little too risky for some people to get into. But for those wanting to start making money online immediately and without the risk, there is still one proven way and this is by offering to write articles for money.

Getting Started
First and foremost, anyone who wants to write articles for money should develop his or her writing skills in order to lure clients. A good way to do this is by registering in an article syndication network such as EzineArticles and posting original articles there. Building a writer’s profile on an article network with a fairly stringent editorial process such as EzineArticles not only helps develop your writing but can also serve as your online portfolio which you can use to entice clients. When starting out, your article samples can mean the difference between remaining stagnant or becoming a success especially when competing with writers from third world countries who offer dirt cheap articles. Being promoted to an Expert Author status can also set you apart from the competition.

If your English skills are at par with the common native English speaker, then you can already begin to write articles for money on the internet. All you need is to find an online marketplace that has loads of buyers looking for quality writers. Here are some of the online websites you can use to offer your writing services and supplement your monthly income:

Freelancing Sites
Many people who write articles for money started out with freelancing sites such as oDesk.com or Freelancer.com. These freelancing websites allow freelancers to bid on projects. They also have a feedback system that helps writers earn ratings to entice more clients. The only downside about these freelancing websites nowadays is that it takes a lot of effort to land a project because of the competition.

Fiverr is the world’s biggest online gig marketplace where sellers offer anything to buyers for $5 a pop. Absolutely anything can be sold in Fiverr as a gig just as long as the buyer abides by the site’s rules. With hundreds of thousands of visitors each day, Fiverr is simply one of the easiest ways to instantly find buyers who are looking for people who write articles for money. However with its popularity, writers also have to make do with lots of competition and in order to stand out, the gig title and body has to be more unique and interesting than the rest. If you have an excellent portfolio and include it on your gig, you can land a few orders after posting your gig and start to write articles for money.

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On a side note, sellers earn only $4.10 per transaction minus the Fiverr fees so writers should price their gigs carefully. For example, if you think you deserve $10 per hour, try to determine how many words worth of articles you can average in an hour and set a price accordingly such that you can still make at least $10 an hour with a steady flow of orders.

Webmaster Forums
People who write articles for money know that their usual buyers are website owners who need lots of website content but have little time writing the articles themselves. With this in mind, you can go where your market is and target webmaster communities such as digitalpoint, warriorforum, blackhatworld, wickedfire, and the like. In these forums, aim for quality and when you start getting loyal clients, you can get a steady flow of work with publicity via word-of-mouth. Look at the top performing ads of the writers on these forums and try to pattern your ad the same way but price your articles cheaper at the start to make it easier getting clients. You can also gain more publicity by linking to your service in your forum signature and being active in the forums.

Content Mills
The term “content mills” has a negative connotation due to the low payouts involved but people who write articles for money for years know how much earning potential working for these content mills bring. While it is true that the pay can be extremely low, many of these content mills promote their writers after a certain amount of articles are written and a certain amount of positive feedbacks are gained. If you look at it in another point of view, the system allows the content mills to reward quality writers and weed out bad writers. Newly-registered writers earn less at the start but earn a higher pay by proving themselves through article output and client feedback. Some of the sites or so-called content mills that regularly promote writers and generously pay high-ranking writers are iwriter, textbroker, and londonbrokers.

Note: If you are looking for a legitimate way to earn income online and want to learn how to build a successful internet business then I STRONGLY recommend you
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