Business running online has its own merit and demerit. Starting a business online, requires hard work and dedication. Some think, internet as a kind of get-rich-quick syndrome, but it is far from it.

The reality, is that online is just a medium that connects businesses to people, in their thousands. It is a very powerful instrument that allow you reach people anywhere in the world, but in their thousands.

Most people have gotten themselves involved into entrepreneurship, using the right online business and ideas.

There are almost 16 best online business idea to venture into.

(1)  Starting your own clothing line. —

If you have some clothing design in mind, you can venture them online, if you have a little bit of time in your hand. Having your own shopify store can be a good starting line venture. Prettify or product sourcing app automatically links your store to apparel printers and clothing manufacturers. These guys handle every single retail fulfilment procedure for you, given you the right to design and ship large pieces in front of your door step.

(2)  Launching drop shipping store. —

If you need a ware house full of inventory to run your business, drop shipping is one of the best online, that entrepreneur can venture into. Following these preferred methods, you can hit the ground running by venturing into pre-existing goods from a supplier, there by taking care of most existing things, like packaging. This procedures skips lots of hurdles that stands on your way of starting a business. Also, it reduces the risk of funding out, low market for your products due to placing order with the supplier.

(3)  Your art should be sold online. —

Whether you are a printer, photographer, musician, whatever skill you have, selling is a wonderful business idea. There are many ways, you turn your master piece into a source of revenue involving beautiful designs for people out there to appreciate. If painting or photography is your skill. Selling, your work as print, framed posters using prints can be ideal. With this methods, people can buy, take home and integrate it, into their home space. If it is music, that is your skill, you can promote your songs, sample as a digital product.

(4) Be a Freelance writer, designer or developer —

Freelancing is one of the most wonderful option in our world today. As a freelancer, you put your skills to use by assisting people round the world with their project. Freelancing can be full time or part time, depending on how you intend to commit your free time. Freelance people are found, in freelancing market places, up work and fiverr.

freelance business

In fiverr lots of job posted pay as much as $5. But the sources of making big money on fiverr is stepping up your offers, so that you can easily upstage other competitors. For example, you can offer 150 words introduction for a blog post as your first time for $5 service. As time proceeds, you can change to another $10 for another round of 150 words. If you want all round control, over how much your charges are, create a shopify store, thereby listing your services at a payable cost.

(5) Teaching online courses—

Creating virtual courses to promote and sell online is one of the latest and trending online business, it involves education. Teaching of online courses is a business idea for generating low investment income. Putting videos on a personal website, explaining subject you know and understand very well is ideal. Though it requires effort up front and managing a popular design on a high video tutorial course series, people will continue to enroll and get attracted to your course, there by making cool cash on a going basics. To go by the process, you will, firstly brain storm on the courses you know very well, so that you can teach someone how to do it also.

(6) Flipping your thrift store finds—

It this case, selling your second treasure online can be a great business idea. Your important customer is waiting to buy cool stuff. Taking advantage of this by been placed in a vintage position as a trust worthy curator, who let loose those great advantages for others.

(7) You must publish your own book —

Publishing your own book someday is a dream come through. It does not matter if it is a science- fiction novel, or children picture book, romantic novels or best seller novels and many more, are plenty option you can successfully venture into. Selling e-book through your online store, and installing digital downloads app on- demand printing services. Selling e-book through your own online store, you must install digital downloads app, which will instantly stock digital files as a product for you. Once purchase is done, your e-books will be sent, to your customers through email or as a download link. If you decide to sell, the physical copy of it, you just place an order with create space, they will customize, print and handle the entire storage and fulfilled process.

(8) Starting a blog —

Since its inception, blogging has come a long way. Blogging was once a visual journal, but now, it has turned into a viable marketing and found raising tool. When you make some cash from publishing post, selling of products. A blog is a viable online business idea and it can be starter at home. The art of starting a good blog that is successful is focusing on building loyal audience. You can cultivate an audience that are trustful and loyal, when you start with audience- centric approach. If you can earn trust, then you can drive revenue.

(9) Becoming a virtual assistant. —

Do you love working behind the scenes if so, becoming a virtual assistant candidate might be idea for you. A virtual assistant, often come to the aid of entrepreneur, business and organized their professional and personal lives. Furthermore, there are broad segment of duties and responsibility, ranging from appointment schedules, which involve basic marketing management which is usually online.

(10) Be an influencer —

This type of marketing, has exploded on the market scene in as much as there are various business opportunities, where consumers are becoming savvy. To be an influencer, has become the best lucrative business idea, if you have a loyal audience. Furthermore, micro-influencer which has gotten into hot water, with smaller, but more involved followers. In this case, you don’t need followers running into millions to earn big bulk.

(11) Building of app and website —

This is one of the best business ideas for you, if you can leverage on interest you find, personal to you. If you acquired some coding skill then building a mobile app, or website or shopify, which can create digital products or services provider. For instant, creating shopify template and selling it to merchants, who need it for their website designed. You can also, provide services to clients, by building website, blogs and apps, which are tailored to their needs.

(12) Podcast can be launched —

If you are good in music and you have a melodious sound from your voice, you can record it in podcast. Podcast, are lucrative business idea, which are similar to starting s website, and of course has great monetization options. Promoting your podcast, prominent personality must get involved in your show. Such audience must post a review and share your podcast with family and friends.

(13) Niche product must be developed —

Developing a niche product to cater for your audience, can be the next of your business online niches could be tailored on industry, demographic, geography, value products and many more. Niches can target both small and large group of potential audience.

(14) Hand made goods can be created—

If you are good in craftsmanship, selling hand made goods is a lucrative online business for you to start. Whether a jewelry business selling of furniture, the most important thing is to sell product online, there by monetizing your craft.

(15) Becoming an Affiliate marketer—

In the case, when you recommend a product or services, by placing it in a blogs or website, there by promoting it, in any social media, you therefore earn a commission through your referral link or code. Funding an affiliate program that suit your brand targeted audience, can be found in share A sale, affiliate future and many others. In promoting your products or services, emails articles, blogs, telling the audience how great the services you are promoting is.