Facebook is very crucial to our ecosystem. Facebook adds tremendous value to our website, corporate and business existence.

Marketing blogs on social networks which includes twitter, Facebook, Instagram is trending among promoters.

These social networks are viable tools used all over the world. Most people go to these social media sites to buy and sell their products and services, and also to generate lots of traffic to their website.

Methods of generating traffic to social networks are done in 3 ways.

— Paid traffic

— Free traffic

— Mixed traffic.


This is the process where people buy traffic from social media like Facebook, Instagram and twitter, thereby earning some cash if patronage comes from the traffic. Also traffic from advertising networks like google ads usually increases tremendous income to your blog.

Example if you buy traffic, let say $100 to your website, and a good patronage comes, let say $180, as a commission, you have earned a good profit of $80 cash. The most important aspect of earning this traffic is distribution. You must be very careful in the area of distribution which is of vital importance.

There is another which is called Type-in-traffic. In this type of traffic, visitors write your domain in the browser, thereby visiting your website.

There are ways you earn money for your website using social media tools like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.

—- Direct selling. This is the process of selling your ads in your blogs to a buyer. In this case no third party intervention. You sell directly to the would be buyer.

—- Pay per sale. This process involved earning through sales, registration, and subscription.

In this case, a certain amount of revenue is brought from the products and services you sell in your blogs or website.

—- Pay per click. This process comes from each click that is made on your ads, in your website when a visitor clicks on your ads. Example your blog has 20000 views daily, if you sold each 2000 for $1, you will get $10 daily.

There are different types of ads and advertising networks. Not all ads fit all websites. Each ad has its own unique benefits which are appropriate for certain types of websites. So to widen your earning capacity from blogging, choose the ads that best suit your blog, because different ads have a unique effect on the amount of funds you earn.

Here are some lists of advertisements that are appealing.

—- Native advertisements. This is called the teaser. As the name implies, visitors only become aware of the clicks on your ads. This type of ads attracts visitors to click without knowing they are clicking on the ads.

—- Contextual advertisement. This is called a profit oriented form of advertisement. In this case ads are displayed to the audience, in accordance to the web contents and keywords.

—- Aggressive ads. This makes use of the PPV method of ads. This includes

(a)  Pop- up.

(b)  Pop- under

(c)   Click-under.

Pop-up and Pop- under are methods of pop ads. These types of ads are often displayed to the audience who have no control over them. In this type of ads, a new window is opened immediately, thereby distracting visitors.

Pop- under are also opened, when the audience is reading. But their distraction is not as much as pop-up.

Click-under. This is similar to pop- under. This type of ads displays, when the audience clicks anywhere on the blog, without permission from the audience. Care must be taken, when using such ads, because they distract the audience, and this can as well make you lose your users.