There are ways traffics can be generated to affiliate sites. This includes

(1)  Payments of advertisement online-

Advert is one of the most important issues when it comes to leads generation. It is a tested and trusted avenue through which traffics is driven to your affiliate, though whatever way, you choose to do it, either through paid search, social media campaign, marketing or general display of advertised products.

One merit of patronizing paid lead generation operation is people who normally click on your links are in the buying spectrum, and are always ready to buy. It is advisable to create a balance between the cost to your advert, and the commission proceeds you normally received per sale.

(2)  YouTube-

This is second biggest and largest search engine in the internet. You have approximately 3 billion views per day. In this regard, starting your own channels to promote your offers, will be an utmost important. In this case, videos that normally relate to your offers, which are very interesting are added. It is imperative to note that in utilizing your video, that little box staying on the video has your CTA on it.

In as much as you tube is very wonderful, but it is also advisable, not to restrict oneself to you tube only. There are other good video channels, such as vimeo, that is also most satisfying to viewers. Furthermore, videos promotions have lot of advantages, but also there are other disadvantages that be enumerated from it. That is, it takes time and concise effort to create good content that will serve as an attraction to viewers. On the advantageous side, videos that are wonderfully created tends to go viral and can escalate round the globe.

(3)   Social media-

Most audience do hang out on many different social media like face book, Instagram, quora, twitter etc. Therefore, it creates an in road for you and your affiliate to be there. Most of these social media can be used in so many ways.

—- Register and participation in communities who will need your product. Though it is good to promote your product, but it is more important to build a relationship by asking and answering questions and also engaging with each and everyone in the community. If you make yourself very relevant, been helpful to their need and request, your readers will always click on your page to find out more about you as a person and your product. When this happen, you create a profile that will link back to your blog.

— Your blog content, must definitely be rich and interesting to the readers and must have links on your promoters post and pages.

— Advertising campaign on social media platform is also very necessary. Social media should be used to publish long articles or contents, thereby linking your offer, example of places, where such can be interestingly done is LinkedIn, medium reddit and slide share. Audience of these site is very high and if your article is interesting, relevant and with high search, it will definitely get in front of thousands of new viewers.

(4) One of the ways to share affiliate links, is through blogs. Viewers that are personally active to your site, will always be receptive to your reviews and contents. If your contents provide values to the viewers, then you are good to go.

Another fundamental way of using blogs in promoting affiliate links is to give every required question been posted to you by your viewer special attention and answers through your link. The product promoted must be related to the answer giving. It must be a product solution to the readers. It is very important to make your content evergreen. Evergreen as the name implies are content that stays for a long period of time.

These articles are read, repeatedly and referred as many time as possible. This contents can authoritatively be presented to upcoming readers who are new in the social media space and exposing your affiliate link every time you do so.

(5) Guest blogging –

Guest blogging is a technical way, which is tested, tried and approved in all ramification as a true way of generating traffic to your blogs and it has stood the test of time. There are 2 ways of guest blogging.

—- These are blogs that fit the niches of the viewers. Interestingly contents and offers, if posted to other blogs, new viewers will be attracted to the website. In this method, your personal profile and links to your affiliate are posted on the blogs.

—- Guest blog must be accepted in your website. In this manner, content from fellow writers, which will link and share their own article, there by exposing your blog to new readers.


(6) Emails-

Marketing of e-mails is very acceptable with most companies believing it to still be the best technique in affecting traffics to the webpage or blogs. In doing this, you need to build a list, through providing free offers, newsletters, sharing e-books etc. This method can be used to attract e-mails addresses. When using this method of attracting emails, care must be taken in providing the useful and interesting contents. Affiliate product, can be directly accepted in e-mails. In as much as it is balance with important contents, which will sway the readers.


(7) Product Reviews-

Readers online are swayed by alternate audience views about a product, and researches are made on testimonies and reviews before committing any fund in the purchase of the product. 90% of audience and would be buyers will search for online reviews before proceeding to visit any blog and deciding to commit funds on the product. Publisher who have over the years build trust on loyal potential buyers, there statistics and recommendation are wonderful.

When you write unbiased reviews concerning a particular product that concerns your niches, your readers will capture these reviews as very trustworthy recommended products. When a product or services is to be promoted and it is tied to effort been put, to your affiliate marketing a review is necessary. When you decide to market the products online, it is important, firstly your personal believe on it, and recommending it to your audience because you believe it will be of help to them. This will ultimately propel you to write an honest and trustworthy reviews, with your affiliate link tied to it.


It is certainly not good enough to write wonderful content and just hope that people will hop into it and find it. You have to be proactive in the course of your businesses. Using social media platform. Like twitter, face book, Instagram, Quora can be very good.  For short snappy link, twitter is recommendable where also google plus marketing help your webpage or blog show up, personal search results.

The point to note is, there is no particular formula for content marketing successes, in spite of what people will convinced you to believe. Format and length of your content marketing is attractive, interesting and appealing as possible to the would be audience. Long form content, tied to videos, into graphics and data- driven pieces is ideal for maximum impact.

Attention must be paid to search engine optimization. Optimizing the contents of your article search engine is a valuable tool for online marketing or affiliate marketing. This will of course boost your organic traffic. Furthermore, posting on LinkedIn has become much more precious than finding a means to other jobs. Posting contents on LinkedIn on regular intervals, has made the world’s largest professional social network ideal as a publishing plat form in its own right and importance, if you have a large follower.

Smart phones search engine optimization, have to do with speed, if your webpage isn’t configured for smart phone properly, it results to queries from google, if the result is low. Google has configured that most smart phone errors, always result in low ranking of mobiles. This include

—- Redirecting audience to wrong mobile URL

—- Attaching videos that don’t play on a particular phone.

—- Pop- up which usually don’t close on mobile phone.

—- Buttons that are tiny on mobile device. Google advise that your webpage should be very responsive.